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      Shanghai Beihua Trade Co., Ltd.
      Tel: 021-63537261
      Dimethylaminoethyl Acrylate Methylchloride Salt(DAC)
      Product name:

      Dimethylaminoethyl Acrylate Methylchloride Salt(DAC)

      Molecular formula: CH2=CHCOO CH2 CH2N+(NH3)3Cl-
      CAS No. 44992-01-0
      Physical Properties :
      Item Unit Value
      Appearance   liquid
      Specific gravity 20°C 1.132
      Solubility   Soluble in water
      Item Unit Value Value
      Purity % 79 ± 1
      Color Hazen 30MAX
      Inhibitor (MEHQ) ppm 2000 ± 500
      Usage: DAC is used in producing cationic polymeric flocculant, paper additive, oil chemicals etc.
      Packaging: IBC £¬ IBC, 1100kg
      Caution: If sticks to the skin, wash the portion carefully with soap and water
      If it enters the eyes, wash well with running water.
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