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      Shanghai Beihua Trade Co., Ltd.
      Tel: 021-63537261
      Allyl Glycidy Ether(AGE)
      Product name: Allyl Glycidy Ether(AGE)
      Molecular formula:
      CAS.NO. 106-92-3
      Allyl Glycidy Mr (AGE) is a compound containing reactive acrylic and epoxy group in molecule. Both of two groups are reactive and polymerizable, so it can be used as monomer to produce resin.
      Due to the reactivity of allyl group, it can be used as the material of silane coupling agent.
      Physical Properties :
      Item Unit Value
      Appearance   clear liquid
      Boiling point °C 154
      Viscosity cps 1.02
      Solubility wt% 10.8£¬Soluble in water
      Item Unit Value
      Purity % 99,5% Min
      Color APHA 10 Max
      Specific gravity   0.965-0.975
      Chloride ion PPM 100 Max
      Usage: material of Water treatment agent, material of all kinds of resins, resin modified agent, material of silane coupling agent, etc.
      Packaging: Drum, 190kg
      Caution: If sticks to the skin, wash the portion carefully with soap and water
      If it enters the eyes, wash well with running water.
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